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In this post We discuss about some important points which you should remember when you are going to buy hosting.

In previous Post we discuss about what is Domian and many more questions which Come in mind during buy a Domian. If you don’t read then you can read. It will be useful for you.

All about hosting | how to buy hosting

Quries Solved:

  1. What is Hosting
  2. Why you need Hosting
  3. Where you will get Hosting
  4. Here is any type of hosting
  5. Can you get Free Hosting
  6. What you need to remember When you are going buy for a hosting
  7. Full Process For Buy a Hosting

What is Hosting

I will explain you answer of  this question with an example :- Let You are planning for make a mall. You have good idea and you give order to supplier for your goods. But Where you keep your goods. It’s simple you need to buy or take on rent a hall for your goods. Same like in hosting you take some place for 1month or 1year from hosting provider for show you products Online. I hope you understand “what is Hosting”

Why you need Hosting?

As I am tell on above. You need hosting for list your products online. But here more another reason why you should buy  hosting. You can launch you domain through your PC . But you are new in this field So it may be difficult for you. And which features and facilities you get in paid hosting you don’t get in your PC. If I will told you about what is the difficulty in you own local Host . Then this post will be more long. I am specially recommend you for buy  hosting. It not too expensive. Read Full Article I am share with you some best hosting Companies for buy hosting.

Here is any type in hosting

all about hosting | how to buy hosting

Yes ! There you will get two types of hosting. One is for your national level business. And another is for your global business. In both hosting you get three plans 1) shared Hosting 2) Vps Hosting 3) Business Hosting. If you are beginner and you don’t have enough knowledge about hosting server then I recommend you for Choose Shared Hosting.

Where You Will Get Hosting

Here is many hosting providers companies. Who provide you hosting in very cheap prices. But I always recommend you don’t run inside cheap and free. Because free and cheap take unextra charge indirectly and don’t give any good Result. If you want target In which country now you are living then you can choose you country hosting provider. But if you want grow you business in whole the world audience then you need to choose a international hosting. I will recommend you bluehost. They are giving you amazing service. I suggest you at least check his services. And I think now they are giving you free domain name. For more information you can visit bluehost.com

Can You Get Free Hosting

Yes ! You can get free hosting. But free hosting work like free. If you are use free hosting then it may be possible your site will be penalized by Google. And after penalized you site will don’t show in the Google. If you want use free hosting then you can use Google hosting and you can publish your site on blogger. There you will get free hosting for life Time. But don’t use any other companies free hosting.

What you need to remember When you are going  for buy hosting

Always Remember These Points If you want Run You website for a long tiime. I am share with you some points. When you go for buy hosting .then match these points.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Maximum Domian
  • SSL( If Available Free)

And Many More Features You Need to Remember Before Buy Hosting. If you don’t understand then you can comment below. I will suggest you some hosting which suitable for you business.

Full Process For Buy a Hosting From BlueHost

  • Visit bluehost.com
  • There you will get three plans BASIC , PLUS , PRIME.
  • Choose a plan According your business
  • It will ask for Domian. You can register a new domain and carjry with you old Domian
  • Here I tell about with register a new Domian
  • It will ask you for sign up. Fill the complete information and also payment information
  • After the full process click on the agree box and sumbit.
  • You will get a confirmation mail and also it’s show you new pop up. There you simply click on no thanks.
  • It’s ask you for create a password Create a password
  • And confirm your mail.
  • Now simply login in your bluehost account using mail or password which you entered during sign up process.

Finally You buy hosting. And I hope you do all the process very clearly. But now any questions in your mind related to hosting then freely ask in comment box. I will reply my best answer.

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