UberSuggest: The Absolute Guide For Beggniers

Are you looking for an free but effective Keyword Research Tool ? Do you know about ubersuggest?

Today I am going to give you detailed, and Honest review about Ubersuggest.

Thousands of bloggers already posted reviews about lots of paid and free Keyword Research Tools. I have also posted an effective Keyword Research Techniques.

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Before I will start telling about any tool. You must know about Keyword Research.

As you know, Keyword Research is very important in SEO. If you are don’t doing proper Keyword Research. Then their is most possibility you can’t rank in the Google. If you are writing an article with depth knowledge, but you don’t have knowledge about proper Keyword Placement.

Then It may possible, someone steal your depth knowledge and he will rank in Google. Because he know about importance of Keyword Research and it’s placement.

So don’t take this kind of risk. Before write any article Do proper Keyword Research, after write well seo write Optmise Article.

Quick Overview About UberSuggest

source: neilpatel.com

Before working with any tools, you must know about it. So I will give you a quick overview about Ubersuggest.

UberSuggest is made by a Italian SEO Guy. Now its owned by Neil Patel (World Most Popular Digital Marketer). It is a Free Keyword Research Tool, which help you find Keywords and also shows LSI Keywords related to your target Keyword.

Its working like Google Keyword Planner. You just need to enter your target Keyword in the search bar and tap on “Look up” it will show you, your target keyword traffic, Competition and it’s CPC(cost per click).

This tool shows you result from mixture of Google Keyword Planner and Google Suggest.

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Ubersuggest V/S Google Keyword Planner

Let’s make Compression between Ubersuggest and Google Keyword Planner.

Google Keyword Planner :

  • Trusted
  • Freeium
  • Not Comfortable With Smartphone
  • Only Shows Target Keyword
  • You Can use Only For do Research Web
  • Shows Keyword Traffic, CPC, Competition


  • Free
  • Easy To Use
  • Shows Both Target And LSI
  • Also Show Result Of Google Keyword Planner and Google Suggest
  • You Can use For do research on Web, YouTube, Shopping, Image, News
  • Trusted
  • Shows Keyword Traffic, CPC, Competition
  • Comfortable With Smartphone

These are the some points, which come in my mind. Here are lots of negative and positive points between them. It’s may be possible you like Google Keyword Planner or not.

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My Conclusion: If you talk about my honesty. Then I most like Ubersuggest. Because I spent and complete my more than half work on My Smartphone. And When I looking for a free and easy to use Keyword Research tool, then I have one of the best option is Ubersuggest.

How to Use Ubersuggest For Keyword Research

As I already tell above, it’s easy to use. Then I think here is I don’t need to give any guide about this topic. But I will guide, because I don’t want you will go on any wrong path.

Steps For Do Keyword Research:

Visit: https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/

There you will get a new page look like below picture:

There you will get a simple search bar. Where you need to put you target Keyword

Let My Target Keyword is “Keyword

I am put this Keyword in the search bar and as I tell you above we can choose Web/YouTube/News/Shopping/Image.

There I am choose Web, See results in below picture:

How to use ubersuggest for Keyword Research

As you can see above picture, I have details about my target keyword.

Like- It’s Search Volume, It’s Competition and it’s CPC.

Now Scroll Down below, there you will get some suggest Keyword [ LSI ].

That’s it, You have laern about how to do keyword Research with UberSuggest.

#Bonus Tips

After Proper Keyword Research, You must know about Proper target Keyword and LSI Keyword placement.

Tips For proper Keyword Placement:

Use Target Keyword in Article Title, Article URL, First Paragraph, Heading1, One – two times between article body, In the Last paragraph of Article, In Image Alt tags, In Meta Description.

Use LSI Keywords in you article body, In image Alt Tags. But use all the keywords naturally. Don’t try to implement your Keyword forcely.

Don’t Do Keyword stuffing and Keyword Density

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My Final Conclusion: As I mentioned above Proper keyword and Keyword Placement is very important. But I think and I believe, it’s doesn’t matter which tool you are using its paid or free. Matter is how are you using this tool? I am done my most of work with my smartphone and I am comfortable with UberSuggest on my smartphone.

I hope you like this my little guide. You can appreciate our work in the comment box.

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