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Today Topic :- When We are in initial level.Then we always get problem regarding  SEO Optimise Article Writing. In this article I will share with you some pro tips for write an amazing article.

Probelm Sloved :- I will share with my personal method. Which I use for write an SEO Optimise article. In this article I will share with about “About SEO, Basic Keyword Research , Permalink , Outbound and Interlinking , Images SEO Optimisation” and much more.

Benifites:-  Here are lots of Benefits of an SEO Optimise Article. Actually your article will never rank in Google in any page without SEO Optimisation.  Without optimisation your article will not be engaging for reader. If you don’t write SEO optimise article then you never get traffic and without traffic your total hard work is waste. So if you want safe from these types of problems then you need to start optimising your article.

Queries Solved :-

  • What is SEO Optimisation ?
  • How to do Keyword Research ?
  • What is Outbound & Internal Linking ?
  • How to do Image SEO Optimisation ?
  • Difference between Heading & Paragraph
  • About Keyword Density & Keyword Stuffing
  • About Meta Tags & Title
  • Use of LSI Keyword

Here is not the end of SEO Optimisation. Because Google Change his algorithm on daily basis. Every blogger give his logic about Google Rank Factors. So you need to up-to-date always in blogging field for rank in the Google at the top.

1.What is SEO Optimisation ?

SEO Optimise Article Writing Factors

This topic is very big and I think there is not the end of SEO Optimisation. When you start your research you will get lots of new and amazing things in SEO. I will give a simple definition of SEO Optimisation :- SEO Optimisation is the process of ready your blog/Article and Website For Search Engine Friendly. This is the short definition. I will recommend you for more research about SEO.

2.How to do Keyword Research ?

Without “keyword Research” your blogging career is totally waste. Actually Blogging start from the keyword Research. If you don’t know how to do keyword Research. Here is no any Chance You Will rank in Google. There is no doubt every Successful blogger don’t write any article Without keyword Research.

There is lots of options for do  keyword research. If you have some budget then you can work with paid tools. If you are beggnier then you can Work with free tools. They also helpful for you.

Best Paid Keyword Research Tools

  • Ahref ( sorry No Free Trial Available )
  • SEM Rush ( Sign-up And Get 14 Days Free Trial )
  • Long Tail Pro ( Sign up and get Free Trial )
  • Serpstat ( Take Free Trial Some options are limited )
  • SpyFu (Take a Free Trial)
  • KW finder (Take a free trial)

Best Free Keyword Research Tools

There are lots of tools. These are the some best free and paid keywird Research tools. Which I am used. And If you beggnier and you don’t have money for invest in these tools. Then I will highly recommend you for AdWords Keyword Planner & Google Trends.

If you want work on old topics. Then you can use AdWords Keyword Planner. There you will get your keyword search volume , Keyword Competition , CPC with the help of these database you can pick your keyword.

And If you want Work With Current topics. Then you can use Google trends. Google trends help you for get the search volume of your topic and keyword.

Both tools are amazing. You Can use it When you are at beggnier level.

Pro Tip :- When you are new in blogging field. Then I highly recommend you for work on long tail keywords. Because In beggnier level it may be impossible for you rank on Google with short tail keywords.

3.What is Outbound & Internal Linking ?

Outbound Links :- Outbound links are the best way for beggniers for increase your website authority. But there is a technique for make outbound link. Always use those website links in your website. Which have more authority than you. And Also link those words which relates to particular website.

For example :- Google is the world biggest search engine. So here you can link Google with

Internal Linking :- In this process you have to link you old article with your new articles. If you are doing internal linking then it’s help you for reduce your bounce rate and also increase your authority.

For example :- If you writing about a new mobile phone review. Then there you can suggest people about previous articles. Which relates with this new article.

4.How to do Image SEO Optimisation ?

SEO Optimise Article Writing Factors

When we talk about seo. Then we also hear about image SEO Optimisation. Actually Image optimisation is also a good factor for get help get high amount traffic. There are some measure factors you need to remember for image SEO Optimisation.

  • Reduce Size & Increase Quality of Image
  • Use Alt Tags in Image ( Use your main keyword In alt tags )
  • Don’t blank title area ( Put title related to image)
  • Never use Copyright image ( if you are use Copyright image then give him credit)
  • Do your website branding ( If your using your own created images then put your logo on this images)
  • Don’t use too much images in article

5.Difference between Heading & Paragraph

I always see many blogs don’t have sense for write an engaging article for his readers. If you are new in blogging field then it may be possible you also this mistake. But After reading this post may be not. Ok First We need to to understand difference between Paragraphs & Headings for write an awesome article.

Heading :- Let you are writing a about top 10 branded cars. And you have make list of best branded cars. Now For Write an awesome article. Simply Write Your First Car Name. And Select your car name and make it H1 and use alignment and take it in middle. Now Your Heading is ready.

Paragraph :- After Heading now you need to give full detail about it. As We take same example Which I use in above. Then now In paragraph you need to give details about your car.

And You Should Write with combination of Heading & Paragraph.

6.About Keyword Density & Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Density :- According to Wikipedia

Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page. In the context of search engine optimization,keyword density can be used to determine whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase.

Keyword Stuffing :-  According to Google

Keyword stuffing” refers to the practice of loading a webpage withkeywords or numbers in an attempt to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google search results. Often these keywordsappear in a list or group, or out of context (not as natural prose).

I will recommend you never do keyword Stuffing . If you working on your website for long time. But if your working only for event blogging. Then you can do keyword Stuffing for rank in Google.

And Low keyword density also give a bad effect on your article. Then always try  use your main keyword in your article according to your article words.

7.About Meta Title & Meta Description

SEO Optimise Article Writing Factors

I think after see the above  image your doubt is clear about meta title and meta description. Always use eye catchy title. And  your meta description give a hint to your readers. Here In your article what they will get.

There are normally all SEO based Plugin give you chance for edit you snippet ( Meta Description). You  canuse Yoast SEO and All One SEO Pack for more better experience.

8.Use of LSI Keyword

SEO Optimise Article Writing Factors

LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) are basically keywords that are semantically related to your primary keyword. Contrary to popular belief, they are NOT just synonym orkeywords that are similar in meaning.

LSI keyword are also a very good factor for rank in Google.  LSI keyword helps you for make stability in the Google rank. Ok let understand about LSI keyword.


Here is the not any correct logic for optimise your article for SEO friendly. Because Google is going very smart. Google Work daily basis on his algorithm. Because Competition is going very High. So I will recommend you don’t stop after reading this article. Continue learning. Because When you stop learning then your Career Will Be stop. Simple Formula “Fisrt learn and Then Earn”. 

These are the some are best techniques. Which I use for write an SEO Optimise article. If you have any question in your mind then please ask in comment box.

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