8 Real Ways to Make Money From Blogging This Year

Are you thinking about Start an blog still? Are you thinking how you can make money from blogging? So Today I will share with you geniue ways to make money from blogging.

Note: Here is no method , Which can make you rich in a single night. But if you will do proper smart and hard work then for sure you can earn good amount of money .

Here is unlimited means unlimited ways to make money from blogging, but still I will tell you 8 methods, Which are genuine.

Best Ways To Make Money from Blogging:

01. Advertising

This is the most common method, Which is use for make money from blogging. Actually I personally think if someone start blogging then if he think about earning then first thing comes in his mind is Advertising.

But it’s not easy , actually it’s not hard. But If you wanna make money from Advertising then you must have good amount of traffic.

If you have good amount traffic then you have lots of options for make money from blogging like that:

A). Ad Networks: If you are came in blogging then I’m sure you have heard about Ad Networks like Adsense, Media.net any many more are available.

If you wanna make money from Ad Networks then you blog should must follow their policy and guidelines.

Still ad networks is not more profitable as compared before. But if you are newbie in blogging then you can try it. I find a common, Newbie bloggers don’t gets Adsense approval (World Famous and Biggest Ad Networks) . I have already face this problem but at end I got approved bu AdSense, So I have written an article about that, must check it out it very helpful for you..

B). Sponsored Post: If you are doing niche blogging (Blog About an Particular Topic is Called Niche Blogging) then companies pays you for do sponsored post regarding their products. 

Make money from blogging

Example Of Sponsored Post
Source: Web Hosting Secret Revealed

For example you writes about application reviews and its uses. Then if you have good amount of traffic on your blog then companies will contact you and ask you for publish article regarding thier application, and for it, you can charge very good amount of Money.

C). Podcast Advertising: Podcasting is going on the boom. Almost all top marketers are doing Podcasting. But how you can get profit from podcasting if you have a blog.

First you must know about Podcasting – A digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new instalments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

If you wanna podcast then you can read this guide.

If you will do podcast on regular basis and if you have good amount of podcast Lister’s. Then Companies will contact your for talk about thier products in your Podcasting, then you can charge a very good amount of money to Companies.

D). Newsletter Advertising: If you doing niche blogging and your blog have good amount of traffic. Then You must try to capture email of your visitors.

Email Capturing is very big topic, So still we don’t discuss about it. But I will recommend you for email Capturing.

When you have list of targeted audience then you can make unlimited money, Which you can’t imagine.

For Example – if your blog about pets carrying, then your all visit may be who is interested about pets. So what can you do? You should try to capture their email using different-different strategies. After when you have good amount of list of e-mails, then you can pitch them for product’s.

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02. Affiliate Marketing 

How to make money from blog

Source: passivewealthblog.com

This is the amazing way to make money from blogging. Affiliate marketing is still going one of biggest earning source.

Here are lots of methods and strategies use for affiliate marketing. If I will try to cover all methods in this post, then it will be become soo long.

But If you have blog, then you question is how you can make money from affiliate marketing through your blog.

So The simple method is put affiliate products links in your articles.

Here is lots of companies which offers you affiliate program. I think almost every niche have companies who is offer affiliate program.

For example- If you are running a blog about gadgets and mobile phone reviews. Then you can join amazon.com, banggood.com

And here are lots of companies which you can join and promote their products on your blog and if someone buy from you then you will get commission.

Every affiliate program have his own Commission rates for every category.

But I will say one thing, before joining any affiliate program must check out about it. I mean many fake companies are also available, So try to save yourself from them. Always join trusted affiliate Networks.

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03. Recurring Income

How make money from Blogging

Source: ariasystems.com

I will always suggest you for make a platform which give you  recurring income. Here is lots of way to make recurring income.

You also can use Advertising and affiliate marketing for make recurring income, like that you can promote those products which have monthly subscription, So you will also get commission when your visitors renew the products again.

You can use ad networks on your blog. Which also helpful for you make recurring income at the end of the month.

Here are some more ways to make recurring income:

A.) Premium Content: You can make a section in your blog about premium content. Where you will take monthly charges from your visitors to read your premium content.

But I can say it’s not easy, because Why someone pay you money for those content, Which is already available on the internet. So if wanna make this possible, then you have to give value to your premium content members, otherwise they will left your blog.

If you can give something extra ordinary to your visitors, then you must do that.

B.) Online Coaching: This is proven method to make money from blogging. But first of all you need to make trusted userbase. It’s time consuming but it’s effective

What skills you have, You can teach about that in your online coaching and if your knowledge will be satisfy your user then they will again come for learn from you.

You can provide demo class to your visitors and if someone is interested, then you can take monthly charges for continue the class.

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04. Service

You can give those services in which you are perfect . I mean many types of peoples visit your blog, Some are learn’s and some are finding peoples for his own work.

So you can make a section about services in your blog and if someone want take services from you then he can contact you and You can do work for them and take charges from their.

Some services We provides offline. You can also provide these services online if you have knowledge about these services. Like that:

  • Freelancing
  • Consulting
  • Copywriting
  • Coaching

05 Products

You can sell your own products through your blog and make a good amount of money.

If you don’t wanna use ads on your website then you can sell your own products and the best thing is all the profit is your, You don’t have to share your profit with anyone.

Here are lots of things you can sell, it’s depands upon your Niche.

For example in my niche, I can sell ebooks, Courses, Printable, Reports, Apps. You can also sell this kind of stuff on your blog.

06. Provide Ad Space

You can provide ad space in your  blog to Companies related to your niche. This one is also amazing way to make money from blogging.

But, First you have to make your blog worthy for that kind of thing. I mean you should have a good amount of traffic.

If you have good amount of traffic, then Companies will automatic contact you and they will ask you for out thier ads in your website. You can take charges in different ways like, you can charge different amount for header and different charge for footer.

07. Accept Paid Guest Post

How to make money from blogging through accepting paid guest post

This new way is going on boom, when we talk about making money through blogging.

But, In starting stage you can’t use this method for earn money from your blog.

Because if someone do guest post on your blog, then his first motive is increase his website authority. But if you are newly started you blog, then you website is authority is also low.

That’ why anyone not as you for guest post. But if you will do work on regular basis then you increase you blog authority. And after that, you can offer Paid Guest Post.

08. Start Paid Webinars

This is our last ,but not least way to make money from blogging. Blogging is very big industry and peoples use different methods everyday for make money.

Let see how you can make money through webinars:

Making money through webinars is not complicated. The main complication is give value to your webinars attenders.

If you are arranging any type of webinars. Then first thing is you must have trusted userbase. Who will register for your paid webinars.

Then, next big thing is, you have to provide value to your users.

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Conclusion: The conclusion is you can make unlimited money from blogging. But the main thing is proper knowledge and Good Amount of traffic. I think you may be you have listen this formula is “First Learn then Earn”. So My recommendation is first learn about thing, how they works after you understand everything, then you can enroll in it.

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