Grammarly Review 2019: is It Value For Money Or Not ?

Is writing your passion but afraid of grammatical errors?

Do your new job require writing emails, templates, and letters? If not one of these then presumably you are a student or a teacher looking for a helping tool in writing and checking plagiarism.

Most of the students, new writers even professionals lack in grammar.

However, grammatical errors can’t be the only hurdle for writing. Many writers run out of ideas and choose the option of copying content of others and use the online spinning tools.

Simply put, plagiarism and grammar are one of the top issues for writers.

After checking multiple tools online, free and premiums , Grammarly is the one which fitted best on my parameters of writing. It comes with two options, free and upgraded.

Do not worry, if you do not want to use purchased one, you can use this online grammar checker tool for free.

Meanwhile, let’s find the best and worst about Grammarly.


Every piece of writing has some defined goals. This software  it and allows to choose goals from its built-in feature.

It offers “set goals” option before you start writing. This amazing tool allows you to write context-based content and proposes helpful suggestions according to it.

For example, you can select types of content from “inform, describe, convince, tell a story.” what makes it outstanding from other tools is its more helpful options like “Audience, Style, Emotion, and Domain.”

Grammarly Review

You can choose the audience “General, Knowledgeable or Expert.”

Now after setting audience type, it becomes easy to get vocabulary suggestions from Grammarly.

Moving on, you get the option of choosing writing style either formal or informal. Similarly, emotions can be selected mild or strong accordance with the context of content. Last option in setting goals is “Domain.”
• Academic
• Business
• Technical
• Creative
• Casual
This feature can be used in premium only. The default setting for this option is “General.”

Grammarly provides a real-time performance report. It tells the percentage of the score and compares goals set by a user.

Moreover, it gives detail of word count; characters, words, and sentences and reading time and speaking time as well.

In “readability” section you can check word length, sentence length, and readability scores. Not only length and scores but this part also mentions grade and age of readers who can read and understand your content easily.

Vocabulary is the next section in the performance feature. You can find how many words are unique and rare in your paper by using this advanced innovation.

Grammarly Review 2019

Out of all the free features of Grammarly, I like this the most. Do you want to know why?

The answer is “assistance.” Real-time artificial assistance is always there to take care of your paper for basic grammar errors and help to correct them with proposed suggestions. It can correct spellings, full stop or comma errors, and use of punctuation, determiners, and conventions.

Besides basics, it also assists you to change synonyms from its thesaurus treasures. Synonyms can be selected based on the emotion, custom, experience or habitual and traditional action.

Grammarly Review 2019

Write Freely in Formal and Informal Style
Grammarly is easy to use, contrary to other tools. Its interface is user-friendly, easy to handle, and simple to understand.

It’s a common practice for online tools to suggest removing “adverbs” and “passive voice” from the paper.

Grammarly doesn’t ask unnecessarily to erase adjectives, adverbs, and passive voice from a sentence.

Grammarly Chrome Extension
A free chrome extension is available for all users. Anyone can download and install it to get help online while writing emails, research papers, and blogs.

You can use the free version on all available platforms by installing its extension on Chrome.

Grammarly Review

Human Proofreader
Unarguably this feature is impressive. Although professional human proofreaders is a premium trait, you need to give it a try.

There are plenty of people who do not trust artificial intelligence.

Likely, the context of their research work can be too complicated for AI. It allows such people to choose the option of a human proofreader.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker
Like grammar checker, plagiarism finding tool is my favorite software among Grammarly products.

It offers free plagiarism checker tool, but it doesn’t show the percentage of plagiarism in the free version.

Online rewriter tools can help you to avoid plagiarism, but it is recommended to write plagiarism free blog.

The premium version of plagiarism checker highlights the plagiarized content and mentions the sources as well.

One of the great things is your content and paper remain secure, unlike other online or paid plagiarism checker tools which can likely save your data in a database.

Grammarly Review and prices

Undoubtedly it satisfies every pro demand of a writer. Either you are an editor, writer, blogger student or teacher, it helps an individual categorically. It’s an efficient, reliable, and nifty online tool that can help you in writing assignments, blogs, and web content and high-quality research articles for prominent organizations. Summing up my review, Grammarly is one of the best grammar and plagiarism checker tools you’ll ever find on the internet.

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