Google AdWords Keyword Research Guide

Are you newbie in blogging? Do you looking for a free tool and amazing guide for Keyword Research.

Then, today  In this article I am going to share with you how to do proper Keyword Research with Google AdWords.

I hope this article will  help you lot for find awesome Keywords.

Note:- This is only a short Guide about Keyword Research. You can do much better with paid tools.

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Before, I will start about Keyword Research. I will suggest you for work on any kind of specific niche. Because Niche selection is very important part of blogging. If you will try embed many niches in your single blog, then it may be more difficult for you rank in Google.

About Google AdWords

Google Adwords is Advertising platform for advertiser’s. Google AdWords is launched by the Google, and Now it’s become world biggest advertising network. Where Advertiser’s  signup himself and start ads campaign related to his products and business.

Don’t worry, You don’t need to pay any charges. And we don’t use start any ads. We just use a feature of Google AdWords.

As I tell you above sign up is free. So first of all do sign up with your Gmail account.

Follow These Steps For create Google AdWords Account For Free:


Click On right side menu

You will get option for sign in > Click on it.

Now it Will ask your Gmail account and password > Fill Gmail account and password

Now you get this type of dashboard, which is shown below:

Google AdWords Keyword Research guide

Click on this link As shown above the picture,and  a new tab will be open.

Click on Save and Continue Button. You will redirect on your adwords account Dashboard.

You will receive a mail on your Gmail account about your Google Adwords Account.

That’s it you have make your Google AdWords account for free.

When you complete all sign-up process, Then go on next level.

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Keyword Research With AdWords

After all the sign up process, Now we are going for access a feature of Google AdWords. Which is known as Keyword Planner.

Follow These Steps:

Login In Your Adwords Account

Click on this icon, which are shown below:

Keyword Research

There you will get a option of Planing > Click on it > Keyword Planner

Now You will get two option, which are shown in below picture

Keyword Research Guide

Click on first option “Find Keywords”.

Now a new dashboard will be open.

Enter your main keyword in the search bar > Click On Get Ideas

For example my target Keyword is “Instagram captions”

Ok let’s take a look, What results I get when I search this Keyword in the Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

As you can  see below picture, this Keyword have million of searches,  and its also have low competition.

Keyword Research Techniques

Then what next, nothing is next you also need to find these kind of Keywords. Which have low competition and high search volume. Its help you lot for rank in Google.

Pro tip : If your beggnier, then please work on long tail Keywords. I know long tail Keywords have low traffic. But at least traffic will come on your website.

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I hope this article give a little idea about how to do keywords Research with Google AdWords.

Thanku For reading this article, Keep reading and increase your knowledge.

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