Google Adsense Approval 2018 Guide: Instant Approval+Instant Reply

Are doing work hard for get Google Adsense Approval? But getting nothing…

Helloo reader, Finally I got Adsense approval. You can congrats me in the comment box.

Best Adsense approval tips and tricks

But today is not congratulation day, today I will share everything what I done for get AdSense approved.

I will share my best strategy, which for sure helful for you.

I will recommend you for buy a custom domian. Because Google don’t approve subdomains.

So let’s get start:

Here are the some factors for get Google Adsense Approval, You must Follow:

01#  Proper Theme Selection

This is common mistake and I can say probelm. I was also get this probelm during selection, a free but beautiful theme.

I will suggest you for use this theme. Which I use for get Adsense approved. I believe it’s help you for get Adsense approval.

If you are built your website on Blogger, then you can check out my best theme collection for Blogger.

I hope you know about how to install and setup theme on wordpress and Blogger.

#02 Proper Navigation

This is the most, most important factor for get Adsense approval. Adsense already decalred, if your website don’t have proper navigation for users. We can’t give you Approval for ads.

Google Adsense Approval guide

As you can see on my blog, I have use compulsory pages ( Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Abouts Us , Contact us ) on the top and footer and I have also used Social Media Links at side bar.

Social Links on your blog gives you a plus point for get Google Adsense approval.

#3 Minimum Post

I know, You also think about these kind of question. how much minimum posts I need, for get Adsense approval, but for you information there is no any minimum and maximum value of articles for get Adsense approval.

Many  time I saw some blogs have only 7-8 posts and don’t have proper navigation,but they get Adsense approval.

But these kind of things don’t happen with everyone.

So don’t take risk, I will say write minimum to minimum 15-20 posts in approximately 500-1000 words. Because there is don’t have value of 300 words in the Adsense eye.

#04 Copyright Material Mistake

When I am newbie in the Blogging. I had also done these mistakes. May be you also do, but if your are reading this article. Then I request please don’t use copyright materials in your blog.

It may be shocking for you, I had already tried on my 4 websites for get Adsense approval. But I  was always rejected, because I don’t know what are the mistakes I was doing.

But I learn from my last websites and result front of you.

I had get Adsense approval.

Where You will get Free Copyright Material ?

I know, this question will be definately come in your mind. Where I will get free Copyrighted photos and videos.

So, If you want include videos in your blog then you can use YouTube. This  one is helpful for you.

If you want use free Copyrighted images then you can use Google, but In new style. Don’t download images directly from Google.

Follow These Steps:

  • Search For you image in Google
  • For example- I search for SEO realted images in Google
  • I got thses results in the image section, Which you can see below picture:
  • How to get Google Adsense approval in 2018
  • There you will get a option of “Tools” Click on it, as below picture:
  • How to apply for Google Adsense for get approved in 2018
  • There you get a option “User Rights” Click on it,
  • There a new list option, Click on “Labeled for reuse with modification” as below picture:
  • Best tips and tricks for get Adsense approval

Your tab will be refresh automatic and Google will give a new Results, And those results you get means images all are Copyrighted Free. You can use these images without getting any probelm.

I hope you understand about this topic.

#05 Copy Paste Work

Most of the newbie bloggers do these mistakes, I was also one of those. But Now, I am not a copy paste writer.

Don’t do oversmart work. Because Google is more smarter than you. Google make his algorithm as possible as smart day to day. So don’t be over smart.

Everyone have his speaking style, Writing style , So how can you copy anyone style?

Write Genuine , informative, Copyrighted free, Duplicate Content Free article. If you are do copy paste work on daily basis then you will be penalized by Google and you will never rank.

#06 Social Juice

Every blogger know, Social media accounts are one of best method for drive traffic on your website.

So you can also drive traffic on your website during the Adsense approval process. For drive traffic you can join groups realted to your blog niche. Please don’t do spamming. Because it will become reason for penalization of your website.

But for your information, If you will drive traffic on your website using social media on daily basis. Then it will also boost your ranking in google.

#07 Responsive

If you want get Google Adsense approval for your website and blog then your blog must me responsive for the users.

I saw many blogs or websites are not responsive. I hope you will don’t do this mistake.

Both platform WordPress and Blogger have responsive Themes. You can use those themes.

#08 Website Speed

Google loves those websites have good loading speed. Actually you also like speedly loading websites.

Are you notice, when you search for something in the google. Then google show you results + time in how much seconds they  shows you result like that below picture:

Best method for get Adsense approval in first attempt

Some Methods for reduce your website loading Speed:

  • Reduce Images Size Before uploading
  • Use Cache Plugin
  • Use Better Using Provider
  • Use CDN Network ( Cloudflare )
  • Don’t use more videos In Your Article
  • Use Lite Theme
  • You can Use AMP

#09 Domian Age

Domain age also matter for your ranking and Adsense approval. According to google your domain must be 6 months old for get Google Adsense approval, but you don’t need to wait for 6 months.

You just need to do work properly only 1month as I tell above. If you follow all the steps properly. Then you will get approval definitely.

#10 Minimum Traffic

Before writing this article, I read some articles and  visit some forums. There I got a question; “How much traffic we need on our website for Adsense Approval ?”

And I got some answers, but they are not confirmed answers.

Before telling something about it, See my last month traffic when I was send my website for AdSense approval:

As you can see on the above picture, I don’t have heavy traffic and one more interesting thing the traffic on my website is not from Google, most of the traffic comes from social media.

So what you understand? , Google know it’s very difficult to get organic traffic for a new website. So if you are trying to drive some traffic from Social Media then it’s give you a plus point to  your website for get approved.

Bonus Tip: Before sumbission of your website for AdSense approval at least rank 3 to 4 articles. Here don’t matter those articles have traffic or not. Only rank  articles those don’t have traffic. May be It’s easy for you. Its give you many plus points on your website.

#11 Proper Webmaster Sumbission

Everyone pro to newbies bloggers are  know about importance of Google Webmaster Console, but many times GWC takes too much time for index your post in search engine.

So, Check your GWC Account before apply for Adsense approval. If you are applied for Adsense approval but your website and posts are not indexed in search engines. Then for sure your application will be rejected.

If you your website or posts are not indexing in Google. Then you need to fetch your post manually from your GWC account.

#13 Logo And Favicon

Actually, I am not using any logo for my website but I am set a Favicon.

But I will suggest you for use both logo and Favicon. I don’t know Google give priority of this type of activity. But this kind of activity gives your website a professional look.

As I know Google likes professional looking Website.

So You should use Favicon and logo for your website.

#13 Remove Other Ad Networks

If you are working On a website from longtime and don’t getting approval. Then you also go for Adsense alternative and may be you got approved from alternatives and you are using those ad networks ads on your website.

But I will request you before apply for Adsense, remove all other ad networks ads from your blog. Because Google hates too much  those websites are using another adnetworks for ads.

After getting AdSense approval you can again add other ad networks. You will don’t get any problem.

Advance Level Tip ( Never Shared )

This tip, I am never shared with anyone. But today I going to revealed it and only  this single tip is working for two probelm one is for AdSense approval and second is Instant Reply.

Many bloggers get this probelm. They are don’t getting any reply from Google Adsense. So here you can apply this tip for get instant reply from Google.

And the tip is, after apply for AdSense don’t wait for reply from adsense. At least post a article in day and directly fech this post from your GWC. If you done this activity, then it’s give a signal to google. Your blog is a active blog.

And As you know, if your regularly post articles. Then your website value will be increase in the Google eye.

This tip work very well for me. I hope it’s also work for you.

Thanku everyone, this a little guide about how you can get Google Adsense approval. Which points I am shared with you above. They work for me, I hope it will also work for you.

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