11 Best Free Keyword Research Tools In 2019

This is the list of 11 Best Free Keyword Research Tools.

I’m personally used these tools at my initial level for increase my Website traffic from 0 to 1000 and more.

Free Keyword Research Tools are not much effective like paid tools, but Here are some Which works well.

…. Let See,

11 Free Keyword Research Tools

#01. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the first free keyword research tools in our today list.

Keyword Research Tools

…… and, Most of the newbie bloggers start keyword Research with this tool. I hope you heard about that.

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool provide by Google. Which helps us for find the estimate traffic and CPC on our target Keyword and it’s also shows relevant keywords related to our target keyword.

It’s easy to use,

You have put your target Keyword in search bar and Click on Get ideas and It will show you the estimate traffic, CPC and relevant keywords to your target keyword.

There, You get lots of customisation like:

You have options for Choose specific Country, Language and also have option for Choose location of your local area for your target keyword.

#02. Ubersuggest

Only a single word for it and that is AWESOME. 

Ubersuggest Free keyword Research Tool

Ubersuggest is the 3rd free keyword research tools in our today list. Ubersuggest is a free tool offerd by Neil Patel. 

You can check your Target Keyword Competition, Search Volume, CPC, SERPs results and it’s also shows you Da, Pa and Social Shares of SERPs results Websites.

You get option in ubersuggest,

for check your target keyword traffic in a particular country such as….

A Keyword “Merry Christmas Wishes” Which have so much traffic in USA rather than India and I have Check it out on ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest Shows you trend of your target Keyword.

…..and, These all the stuff are free to use

#03. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords EveryWhere is one of my favourite Keyword Research Tool.

Free Keyword Research tools in 2019

and, I think it’s favorite of most of the  bloggers who is using it yet.

…..and, This tool is our today list 4th Free Keyword Research Tools.

Keywords EveryWhere is a browser extension.

Which Show’s you CPC, Competition Level and Search Volume for your every Google Search.

Keywords EveryWhere is makes your work little bit easy rather than others tools.

Such as, Now you don’t have to put every keyword in tool for check its CPC, Competition and Search Volume.

If, You will use Keywords Everywhere extension in your browser.

Then, May be it Will Show you any Golden Keyword to you…..

Because it’s shows CPC, Competition and Volume for your every Google Search.

Keywords EveryWhere is free to use tool and it’s made By Akash Mansukhani.

#04. Soovle

Soovle is a search engine.

Where you can search your target keyword in various search engine such as, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Answer.com, YouTube and Amazon.

How to keyword research for Soovle


You will get lots of terms for what your customers are searching for.

Soovle is good for find Long-tail Keyword and Phrases for your target Keyword.

You can also take some ideas from Soovle for content creation.

Soovle is free to use. You can find next level keywords with the help of Soovle.

#05. Bing Keyword Tool

World best free keyword Research Tools

Bing keyword Tool is same like Google Keyword Planner.

but, Bing Keyword Tool is offered through Microsoft.

…and, This is our 10th free keyword research tools in our today list.

You have to create an Bing Advertisement account for use this tool same like Google Keyword Planner.

You can easily Check Last Month Searches, CPC, Impressions, Clicks of your Target Keyword in Bing Keyword Tool.

But, They gives you something extra and that is:

You can also Check any specific website keywords, Clicks and impression, that is also a good thing.

#06. Quora

Free Keyword Research Tools

Quora is a Question-Answer asking platform.

But, it’s one of my favourite Keyword Research tool for find Long-tail Keywords.

and, This is our 11th Free Keyword Research tools in today list.

Let See, How I use this for Keyword Research…..

Keyword research with Quora, its very easy…

You have to put your target keyword in the search bar and do search for it.

Quora Will show you all those questions which asked on it regarding your target keyword and from there you can easily find a Long-tail Keywords.

Why Quora is one of my Favourite…..?

I likes Quora, Because we get those keywords from Quora which asked by a user, it’s not not generated with tools.

Therefore, it’s make more easy to understand. What your user are finding and You can easily include all of those questions in your article for much better optimisation.

Freeium Keyword Research Tools

#07. Answer The Public

Answer the public is also one of our free keyword research tools in today list.

Keyword Research tools for free


This tool is really different from others. You can easily do keyword research with it.

Answer The Public tool shows you combination of those keywords which are people’s search for in Google and Bing.

It’s also organise the keyword such as What, How, Why.


The best part of this tool is,

It helps you to find question-answer that can get you into Google’s featured snippets and it’s also helpful for optimise long-tail keywords.

#08. Wordtracker

The best Google Chrome plug-in is also available from Wordtrack: Scout

…..and, This is 6th Free Keyword Research Tools in our today list.

How to use Wordtracker for Keyword research


This easy plug-in allows you to identify any of the web pages for identifying keyword opportunities as well as other people’s insights into your industry.

…To get started,

Just go to any web page, in which you are working on the blog post, and click on the plug-in.

With a box “Word Cloud” there will be pop-up in the top right corner of your screen that highlights all the potential keywords on a given page.

Here’s, how it works.

The bigger the word in the cloud, the more relevant you will have. The darker the word, the higher the search volume.

It’s really simple, yet highly effective, in evaluating potential keyword opportunities.

By clicking on the Keywords tab,

You will have access to the data as it relates to search volume, competition and opportunity.

If you have opened a Wordtrack account, you can also sync any important information or data to revise it later.

Everything else, Scout is probably very good chrome plug-in.

#09. [eafl id=”1069″ name=”Kwfinder” text=”Kwfinder”]

Kwfinder is a excellent Keyword Research tool.

Which a good alternative of longtail pro….

List of free Keyword Research Tools

and, This is 7th Free Keyword Research Tools in our today list.

There you get three Section for do proper keyword research such as Suggestions, Autocomplete and Questions.Kwfinder is easy to use and You can easily find excellent keywords.

To get started with Kwfinder,

Put your target Keyword in Search bar and You have also option for Choose Target Country and Language,

After these Things Click on Find Keywords.

You can Check your target keyword CPC, Search Volume, Keyword Difficulty, PPC and you can also Check SERPs results of your target keyword.

….and, it’s also shows you DA, Pa, CF, TF, Links, FB Shares, Link Profile Strength and Estimate Visits of SERPs results.

Kwfinder also shares some more features like SERP Check, SERP Watcher, Link Miner and Site Profiler.


You can use it only 5 times per 24 hours in free version for keyword Research, SERP Check and SERP Watcher. You have to upgrade for more use.

#10. Keywordtool.io

The tool is excellent no doubt. You can find Long-tail Keywords with this tool easily.


Best Free Keyword Research Tools

..and, This is our 8th free keyword research tools in our today list.

You can find Long-tail keywords for Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Appstore and Instagram.

There you get three options Suggestions, Questions and Prepositions, Which help you find your keyword more deeply.

I find a negative point inside it,

and that is really bad. You can’t see Search Volume, CPC, Trend and Competition in free Version of this tool. You have to upgrade it for use all the features.

#11. [eafl id=”1070″ name=”SEMRUSH” text=”Semrush”]

The world best keyword Research tool recommended by most of The Pro Bloggers…. but it’s not free.

Best Keyword research tool


They gives you free trials,

I know it’s not enough but they also gives 10 trials per 24 hours.

I wanna add SEMRUSH on 1st position.


Today We are talking about free keyword research tools. Therefore, I have didn’t.

SEMRUSH comes with lots of features, I can’t count right now in this article. I hope you can understand.

Let, I tell you how it’s better than others for Keyword Research.

You can see Search Volume, CPC, Organic Results, Keyword Difficulty, Trend, Ads History of your Target Keyword on SEMRUSH.

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