Digital Marketing vs Offline Marketing | Which is Best For Your Business?

Are you confused between Digital Marketing vs Offline Marketing. Which is best for you business?

Then, Today I am going to solve your confusion between Online (Digital) Marketing and offline Marketing. I will give you a best and detailed information about this topic:

Also, I will Cover both Pros and Cons. So don’t miss to check out that,

Digital Marketing vs offline marketing

Let See A Overview between Digital And Traditional Marketing ( Offline Marketing). After decide which is best between Digital Marketing vs Offline Marketing.

Digital Marketing

In simple words, Digital Marketing is the a method, which is use for promote your products, your business and anything else through online platforms. Here is lots of tactics people’s use for promote his products online. We also discuss about these topic in this article:

When you browse something on Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and any other platforms. Then you also seen some ads. Which ads you seen , it all the part of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is not tough but it’s not easy. If you want to promote you products through Digital Marketing. Then you must have knowledge about it and you can also take help of Digital Marketing agencies. You can Also Hire us.

And you can also read this full article for do himself. After reading this, decide which is best for your business between Digital Marketing vs Offline Marketing.

Digital Marketing is Further Categoriesd In Various Field, Which Includes This:

What topic inside the digital marketing

If you want start Digital Marketing, then you must have knowledge about these topics and you also know about how to implement it all. First We See, What are the knowledge you required for Start Digital Marketing;

01. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

This is the awesome and very effective part of Digital Marketing. SEO is know as Search Engine Optimisation. If you have earlier started your business and you want to expand it Online. And You don’t have lots of money for run ads campaign. Then you can go with SEO.  In Nowdays SEO is keep going so hard.

Inside the SEO you need to optimise your products for search engines. As I said above, if you are newbie in Digital Marketing then may it will difficult for you understand, but as you start work in it you will get best results.

If you want to grow your online business with the SEO. Then you have good knowledge about it. And it’s also take some time to give results as compared to ads Campaign.

But According to a report “If you spend 70 pence on SEO, Then the average ROI is €17. And Most of the business spend his 47% online marketing budget on SEO and Spend 14% from his all over the marketing budget on SEO”.

I hope you understand the effectiveness of SEO.

If you want grow your business with the help of SEO, then you should learn these basic topics

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02. PPC (Pay Per Click)

This one is paid method for promote you products online. It’s easy to setup and you will getting started instant results. PPC is know as Pay Per Click. First of understand concept of PPC. As I said it’s easy and gives instant results.

“A survey by Marketing Research Firm marketing Sherpa showed that PPC accounts for 25% of online marketers budget”.

“Google Also report that AdWords advertise typically gain a €1.5 revenue for every 70 pence they spend on the platform”.

If you have some money to promote your products, then you must have use PPC. if you want to do PPC then you can use Social Media Platforms ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.)  or Search Engines ( Google, Bing, Baidu etc. ). All the popular social media platforms and search engines provide you facility for run ads regarding your products.

Again if you are newbie in Digital Marketing, then first you need to learn about how to successfully run you ads. If you will jump without proper knowledge. Then may be you will lose your money and you can also give this work to any Digital Marketing agencies.


This method is work like a magic. Personally saying, Email marketing is a like a magic. Email Marketing Can make you rich in one night, but becoming rich in night it’s not easy. First you need to do hard + Smart work.

According to a report “Companies spend his 16% of thier marketing budget on Email Marketing. In 2015 there was 3800% ROI for email marketing. And a report also says if you will spend your 70 pence on email Marketing then the ROI is approximately €31”.

If you want to do email Marketing and sell you products. Then first you need the Email list of your Target Audience. I know many people say you in the market then can give you your target audience email list. But they all are fraud and I will personally recommend you don’t buy email lists.

If you really want to do email marketing, then you need to do some investment for collect your target audience email list. You need to run ads campaign on social media and Search engines. As I said above you need proper knowledge for run your ads successfully, because without proper knowledge you will lose your money.


You are reading this article, You also read many articles. This all the stuff is part of content marketing.

According to a report “28% of the b2b marketing spent on content marketing. Content marketing budget have increased among b2b companies. Brands increased their content marketing output by 35% per Channel in 2015. Global Content marketing revenue rose 14.4% during the first half of and are expected to double over the next five years”.

In the content marketing , you writes a proper article regarding your products, which you want sell to your customers. If you want to do content marketing then you must have knowledge about SEO.

Because in the content marketing, you need to rank your article in Google and if you want get rank then you must have knowledge of SEO. Checkout this article for write SEO optimise content.


If you are going for Digital Marketing, then you always need help of Social media. Because as you also heard, Social Media are the best Platforms for find anyhow customers.

Social media marketing helps you in many different ways. It’s your choice you mind, how you use socai media for your business.  Most of the popular social media  platforms provides you for advertisement.

You can use social media marketing for capture your target audience email list, for your brand awareness and for Generate leads. But again don’t do anything without proper knowledge. I will recommend you at starting hire any Digital Marketing Agency.

This is short overview about Digital Marketing. Here are lots of thing to tell you, but still this post is going big thats why I am giving short overview. But please ask me questions in the comment box regarding Digital Marketing Vs Offline Marketing.

Offline Marketing

In simple words, Offline Marketing is process of promoting your products in the offline market. Offline Marketing also have many tactics peoples use for promote their products.

Basically now I will share with you some methods, Which used for promote your products in offline market’s .

I hope you also seen many banner around yourself. This all the stuff in part of offline Marketing. Here are many different ways people’s use for do offline Marketing.

Also, Read this quick Overview about Digital Marketing vs Offline and after decide which is best for your business.

Let See Some Tactics For Offline Marketing:

Best tactics for offline marketing


In this method people’s do marketing with the help of prints. According to a report:

“Print Advertisement have highest ROI 120%. Advertiser on average earn back their print advertising investment within the campaign period and even earn 20% extra.”

A report says, ” Display Advertising like banner ads and retargetting is next largest, taking 10% of total marketing budget.


This marketing tactics use for any specific festival or events.

For example Christmas (25Dec) is a very big event. So offline and Online markers start Advertisement of his products to reach his customers. So They are the do marketing for events and festivals and makes huge amount of money. Because They do those products marketing, which is need in the events.

Now, if you want to do event marketing, then it’s very competitive, but itsivery profitable. Just you need to use some different tactics and techniques, which you competition do not doing.

According to report, ” EventTrack revealed that nearly 77% of event marketers use social media as key engagement startegy before an event but after that’s event it’s number drop down to 61%”.


I think you know about this. Because you also seen and listen these kind of ads. But if you are now setup you new business and you don’t have more money then I will recommend you don’t go for these ads, because radio and TV ads are so much expanisve.

But if you have money for do radio and TV ads. Then read next paragraph…

An report says,” The reach of Tv and radio are considerble ROI of 90% and 60% respectively – these media channels perform below average”.


This is very amazing marketing tactics.  I personally like Guerrilla marketing. Because this Marketing technique is creative.

According to a report, ” Traditional advertising media has an impression of recall 33%, guerrilla marketing impression tends to be near 100%”.

In the guerrilla marketing you need to do something creative for reach your customers. You can use guerrilla marketing on events and also on your daily shop.

For example, You have a shop or showroom of Shoes in the marketplace. But you are not a single person, who is selling shoe. There is more four shop’s, they all are also Sell Shoe’s. Then it’s difficult to get more customers. Because you competition is increased due to other four shop’s.

So here you need to use guerrilla marketing, means you need to do something creative.

Just like you can put a big showpiece of shoe outside of your shop or showroom. Which looks attractive and it can increase you customers reach. Because like to see this kind of attractive things.

See below a picture, Which shows the example of Guerrilla Marketing:

Digital Marketing vs Offline Marketing

Promotion of Glue With The Help Guerrilla Marketing

I don’t to make this article so much lengthy. Because Here is everyday a new marketing strategy and tactics used by businesses for sell their products. So you need to continue up-to-date.

Pros And Cons of Digital Marketing vs Offline Marketing

Everything have its pros and cons, So digital marketing and offline marketing also have its pros and cons:

Digital Marketing vs Offline Marketing Pros and Cons

Digital Marketing Pros:

01. Best pros of Digital Marketing is cost. You can opt low cost strategies.

02. You can reach the world with the help of Digital Marketing. You can also do marketing for your local Customers.

03. Your advertisements can be present anytime and all the time. You also have the option to target a specific time range, in order to reduce costs.

Digital Marketing Cons:

01. Building trust using online marketing is difficult.

02. Competition is stiff on the Web. Since everybody can start a marketing campaign on a whim

03. There’s a steep learning curve. It can be difficult for a non-tech-savvy person to dive deep into online marketing from the get-go.

Pros of Offline Marketing:

01. Offline marketing allows you to have a personal approach.

02. It’s makes your business tangible. People can see your materials in person, not just on the computer.

03. It allows you to market to the older generations of your target audience, many of whom are not into computers.

Cons of Offline Marketing:

01. The results of offline marketing can be difficult to track and monitor.

02. Your reach can be limited. And your reach directly correlates to your budget.

03. Offline marketing is costly when it comes to resources: money, time, and labor.

Conclusion of Digital Marketing vs Offline Marketing:  If someone ask me, Which is the best Digital Marketing vs Offline Marketing? So my answer will be both are best. Because If any businessman use any tactics, then it’s first Moto is earn profit from it. But personally I used digital marketing. Because my all work is digital, that’s why I can’t use offline marketing tactics. But someone getting profit from offline marketing then it’s better for themself. If he want to try Digital Marketing tactics, then may be it will work more profitable for you.

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