6 Best Grammar Checker Online Tools

What’s upppp Guys! Welcome back in a  new article and Today I’m going to solve a very common problem of you. The Problem is grammar mistakes, and Today I have “6 best grammar checker tools”, Which make your problem so much Easy than before.

I’m not too much  well in grammar and that’s why I got the idea of this post.

While I was looking for the best grammar checker then I found some are best and some so much worst, Some was don’t have good user experience.

Then, I thought…….🤔🤔🤔

Yes! I can share some best grammar checker for those people’s who are not much well in grammar.

So Don’t Worry….. Before Writing this article I have used all the tool, websites and application which are mentioned in this post.

I have try to add those grammar checker which have good user experience which is really important:

At the End of  the Article I have added some bonus stuff+ for you. So keep Reading………..🧐

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Let See👀👀,

6 Best Grammar Checker

The first grammar checker is one of the most recommended online grammar checker.

The Name is,

#01 Grammarly

The name and work of this tool is amazing. Grammarly is available in both version free and paid.

Best Grammar Checker Online Tool

Yes ! In paid version of Grammarly you will get some more features like vocabulary, enhancement and Plagiarism Detection.


The Grammarly free version is also good. They provides you browsers extensions also and You can upload your copy to their online platform to get proofreading done

It will show an indicator at the bottom right corner of the writing area. Clicking on the indicator will show you the number of errors. Spelling, grammar, and contextual errors will be highlighted with an underline as you write.

This is worldwide most used tool for grammar checking and proofreading.

They provides you amazing user experience and I think that’s why it’s most popular.

Grammar checker online tool

[eafl id=”1053″ name=”Grammarly” text=”TRY GRAMMARLY”]

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Our 2nd best Grammar Checker is,

#02 After The Deadline (Polish My Writing)

This one is an multi-talented grammar checker online tool.This tool is also called “Polish My Writing.”

The best thing about this, They provides WordPress Plugin for us and that is also free.

Best free Grammar Checker Online Tool

You can also add their browser extension.

They said, “We use artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to find your writing errors and offer smart suggestions“.

While you  have add their extension in browser or plugin in you Website.


You can check spelling mistakes, Grammar Check and Style Check.

If you don’t wanna their browser extension and plugin then you can use it Online.

As I said you,  it’s also known as Polish my Writing, there you can check grammar of your content for free and online.

At Polish My Writing you have just have to paste your content and click on check Writing.

……and, This tool will show you all grammar mistakes in your article.


#03 LanguageTool

The another one best grammar checker tool. LanguageTool also comes with multiple features and it’s one of the best feature is…..

You can Check your content grammar in multiple languages. They provides you 20+ languages In which you can check your content grammar.

Online Grammar Checker

They also provides you add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, libre office and Google Docs etc.

But I don’t like one thing  in it

……and that is you can check only 20,000 Characters at one time in free version. So you need to upgrade the plan for more features 😏😒.

If you don’t wanna use add-ons and don’t wanna take premium plan,


You can Directly check your content grammar on its  website.

LanguageTool can be downloaded for offline use. This requires Java 8 or later to be installed and unless you install additional data, this will be less powerful than the version on this website.


#04 Ginger Software

Ginger is another one best grammar checker tool or software. It is available as a browser addon and offers a nice user experience.

Free online Grammar Checker tool

You can check your content grammar in 40+ languages.

This one is the best tool to check various errors like contextual spelling correction, misused word correction and many others.

It shows you a icon at the bottom right corner in writing areas like Gmail, Facebook, notepad, WordPress text editor and more.

It checks for mistakes as you type and highlight errors with context.


#05 Small SEO Tools

Another one of the best and free multifunction tool. Which comes with lots of features like……:

Grammar Checker, Plagiarism Detection, Spell Checker, Keyword Research tool, Keyword Position Checker, Backlinks Checker and more than 100+ tools and all the features are free to use.

Best Grammar Checker with multiple features and SEO TOOL

Small SEO Tools do not provides you any browser extension.


They provides you software for pc, Android, iOS and Plugin for WordPress that is so good.

You can also use its API integration. You can check cocntent grammar in 6 languages ☺️.

If you wanna check grammar of your content with this tool then you have to visit its website or run it’s software.

There you will get option for Check grammar,

There you have to paste your your content and Click Grammar.

You can also upload doc, .docx, .txt file and you can choose file from Google Drive and Dropbox.

How to check Grammar with Small SEao Tools

Grammar Checking Demo With Smartphone [ Using Small SEO Tools ]


#06 Grammar Check

This is the today list last Grammar checker tool.

This tool is same like others, You don’t don’t have to download it.

You can check your content Grammar online on its website

Free Grammar Checker online tool


This tool is also free to use and easy to use. They aren’t provides you any extension or add-ons.

Simply visit website,

Put your content and click on free check and the tool will highlight mistakes in your content and you can also correct it.


Bonus Stuff

As I told you above………..

I have something bonus stuff for you and that is some “best Grammar checker applications for Android and iOS.”

I can’t carry my laptop everytime with me and I think you also:

So that’s the reason I’m sharing  some applications with you for Grammar Check,

Because we can do Grammar mistakes anytime.

Best Grammar Checker Applications

  • Ginger Page ( Android/ iOS )
  • eAngel Proofreading ( Android/ iOS )
  • Proofread Bot Grammar Checker ( Android )
  • GradeProof Proofreading & Plagiarism Detection ( iOS )
  • Proofreading ( iOS )
  • WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant ( Android/ iOS )
  • English Grammar Spell Checker (Android )
  • Grammarly ( Android )

These are the some applications for your grammar check on android or iOS. You can check playstore or itunes store for more applications like that.

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My conclusion for all the tools will be always same and that is the tools will not tell you everything correct. But yet We are discussing about best Grammar Checker tools , So My opinion about this is depending upon your budget. Have you money for invest on it then you can buy premium tools otherwise free tools are also works well. I prefer you for Grammarly, Small SEO Tools and Ginger Software.


I wanna hear👂 from you, Which tools do you use for check your content Grammar, and Please tell me in the comment box if I have not added any of your favorite tools to my list.

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