Best Alternative of Adsense In This Year

Do you want make more money? Do your Adsense has been disabled or suspended? Have you website is not approved by Adsense. There are many reasons for find a alternative of Adsense.

Here are lots of alternative of Adsense, it’s depands upon which type of your blog. I mean if you have movie download website then you can’t earn huge money through Adsense or, as compared to popads and shortlinks.

Today I will try to give you list of all time “best alternative of Adsense”. I hope you like this article.

At the end of the article, I have shared something about Adsense. Why is Adsense best ever?

Note: We Have done lots of research and read lots of article before writing this one and On Most of the article We found Same content. So Have included some new things and also put down the mixture of those articles in this this article. Let me tell in the comment box, have you find something new in this article.

Best Alternative of Adsense:

Best alternative of adsense

A). This is the most popular, High Paying,Trusted and second best choice of bloggers after AdSense. is an advertising company same like Google Adsense. Here appoevaais little bit easy as compared to Adsense.

But if you wanna get approval, So your blog content should in English language, because not approve Hindi blogs. So we can say it’s a cons of

But, If you will get approval from then for sure you can earn very good amount of money. In most of the cases bloggers found shows high cpc ads on your blog and it’s also pay good amount of money for impressions.

Minimum withdrawal is 100$ same like Google Adsense. You can choose payment method through wire transfer or PayPal.

In Short, is a very very good option for you after AdSense.

Take a look of review about

Adsense alternative

B). Affiliate Banner Ads: Amazing Method for make money from your blog. You can use affiliate banner ads in your blog.

But wait…, You will don’t get any money for clicks or impression. You will get after sell.

Let I explain you, You can use affiliate banner ads on your website and if someone is click on those ads and purchase that product then you will get commission from that product.

You commission depands upon the product category and it’s price. For example if someone buy low price product from your website ads then you will get low commission but if someone buy High price product through your website ads then you will get good amount of commission.

For me here are two companies for affiliate banner ads, One is most popular Amazon and Second one is VigLink. Both are working well. You can choose According you.Read review about VigLink by Harsh Agarwal.

C). InfoLinks: This one is also very popular ad network for publishers. I hope you have also seen ads of infolinks on many websites.

Infolinks pay you money for for per clicks and infolinks share 70% revenue with you and 30% he will take himself that is pretty much good.

Recently they started serving insearch, inframe and intag ads as well for its publishers to help them earn more money with InfoLinks. This one is also a good alternative of Adsense.

You can withdraw money from infolinks through paypal, Check and wire transfer.

An Review About Infolinks

Best alternative of adsense

D). Buy Sell Ads: This one is also a very good alternative of Adsense. They are also paying more then Adsense. Buy Sell ads is place where ad space is buy or sell for blogs or websites.

Buy Sell Ads Company Share with you 75% money and himself takes 25%. It’s much better than as compared to Adsense.

You can withdraw your amount from buy and sell in a month two times into your PayPal account, and there is no minimum payout in case of Paypal transfer.

But wait…., Here is approval is not much easy for newbie. Buy Sell Ads doesn’t approve those blogs which have low traffic. You must have good amount of traffic for get Buy Sell Ads approval.

You can transfer your earnings twice in month time into your PayPal account, and there is no minimum payout type in case of Paypal transfer.

Review About Buy Sell Ads

High paying Adsense alternative

E). Bidvertiser: This one is another best AdSense alternative. Bidvertiser also pay same like Adsense, means pay per click.

But here is something different about bidvertiser, Which makes him for better then Adsense.

Bidvertiser pay your money for clicks, but it will  also give you extra bonus if any valid lead generated from your blog ads.

You can withdraw money from Bidvertiser through Check, Wire, and Paypal.

Review About Bidvertiser

F). Join Niche Affiliates: If you don’t wanna use too much ads on your blog everywhere. Then you can join affiliate program in your niche.

Let I explain you: For Example you are running a blog about hosting reviews and you don’t want use too much ads in your blog. Then what can you do?

You can sign-up for hosting affiliates and put their banners ads in your articles and In your blog body.

For your kind information, at this time hosting companies are paying a very very good amount commission to publishers.

You can join affiliate programs in your niche and also make money through.

Alternative of adsense

G). Facebook Audience Network: May be you you heard about it or may be not, but Facebook also provides you a platform like that AdSense for monetize your blog.

Facebook working same like Adsense, means Facebook is also paying for pay per click or also share same amount with you like that Adsense.

But again please wait……, In starting Facebook also given easily approval to websites but now it’s little bit hard but not like Adsense.

For more details you can visit Facebook audience network platform. There you will get all information about that.

Review about Facebook Audience Network

Why is Adsense best ever?

I’m and many top bloggers said adsense is best ever ad network for publishers as compared to Alternative of Adsense.

Let I tell you some reason, Why I personally think Adsense is best:

Adsense provide you full transparency.

They Shows your current data in your Adsense account dashboard.

Google Adsense Don’t creates any probelm, if your are using multiple ad networks on single Website.

Adsense is product of  Google Company, So trust value is 100%.

You can place one Adsense ad code on many websites. You don’t need to take adsense approval for each website.

Adsense has a large group of advertisers for better bidding

These are the some reason, Which makes adsense best ever.

Conclusion: The Conclusion of alternative of Adsense is, Here are lots of ad network and lots of way to make money from blogging. Here is only one thing matter that is traffic. You just have to increase your website traffic and you can make money with many ways.

……This Short but Genuine Ad Networks List. We believe in Quality not In unusual Quantity…..
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