What is Domian Name | How to buy Domian Name | Detailed Information

As we know everything is going online. If you want need any information or if you  buy something you definitely do Google. If you have a business then you also want  to get your business Online. Basically in this post I will share you what is Domian name , how to buy a domain name and many more useful tips and questions and it’s answers. Which useful for you when you are going for  buy a Domain name . So keep reading….

All about Domian name | how to buy Domian Name | Detailed Information

What is Domian?

If you know what is Domian then you can skip this paragraph. But if you don’t know what is Domian then you can read it. Domian is your brand and business identity on internet world. If someone want buy anything of your products. Then he/she will search you Domian name. And your all selling products will be visible. For example my site :- guidingonline.com there “guiding online” is my business name and “.com” is a domain name. I hope you understand what is domain

Why you Need  Buy a Domian Name ?

Do you want sell your products online? Then you need to buy a domain. If you want grow you business. then you need to buy domain. Do you want get more sales of your products then you need to buy a Domian. If you want earn more money online then you need to buy Domian. If you want take a presence on internet then you need to buy a domain. You will get online presence without domian. But its not more good as compare to your own Domian name.

Where you get a Domain?

Now in your mind a question. Where In which market you will get Domian name. But now you are going to make your business online . So Domian is also available online. There many website which provide you Domian name like GoDaddy.com , namecheap.com , bigrock.com any there is lots of Domian companies available. I suggest you choose GoDaddy.com because they much trusted and they also give cheap Domian other than.

Which Domain is Best For Me?

In market many type of Domian available like:- .com , .net , .in , .org , .info these are the some best domain which you should buy. Many more Domian are also available. Read Full Article You will get All information related to Domian. If you want target whole world public for you business then you always choose .com domain. If you want traget only Indian public then you can choose .in domain. And if you want run any organization then you can choose .org domain. Also Domian have his quality. But best domian is .com because in this Domian you can target everything not only one area.

Can I get Domian Free

Yes ! But I will bet you if you take a free Domian. It will not be more longer. If you really want grow your business online. Always choose a professional Domian like .com it’s not so expensive. You will get .com domain on GoDaddy.com only 1.98$.If you are a student and you want learn about it. How things are work then you can choose a free Domian. But if you are serious for your business then I will never recommend you for a free Domian. There are many websites. Which provide you free hosting.

Tips:- Always take a unique and easy readble domain name. Choose a Domian name if user read you website name then it remembered it’s name. Means don’t buy a puzzled domain name. And If you going to rank on any special products then try take Domian which relate you products. For example:- if you are selling men’s shoes then take a domain which would like menshoes.com as you can see there your product connected with your Domian it’s make easy for you rank on Google.

Steps For Buy a Domian On GoDaddy

  • Visit GoDaddy.com
  • There you will get a search bar simple
  • search you brand name
  • After search you get lots of domain list like :- yourname.com , yourname.in , yourname.org and many more domain. Just Choos yourname.com.
  • You will redirect on new page. If you new user then it will also you for create a account.
  • I will recommend you create a new account. Because in next step I will share with you promocode it’s available only for new user.
  • After you create account
  • Check your cart. There you will also get a promocode option simply put there this promocode CJCRMN2CP. You will get some discount ( This promocode work only for new users and If you are payment using  Visa credit/master card )
  • After this work now you need to payment select.
  • Pay money and Finally you purchased a Domian for your business.

Now time to launch your Domian . In next Artical I will share with you how you can properly launch  your domain name.

I am cover some questions which Come in mind right now. If I am left any questions please freely ask me in the comment box. I will definitely reply.

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