Powerful Keyword Research Techniques: The ultimate Guide

I think I don’t need to introduce you about. What is keyword? You all are know the  importance of Keyword Research. Because That’s why you are reading this article.

I think You will agree with me. If I say Only Hard work  is not enough. You also need to do smart Work:

If you are working in Content Marketing /Online Marketing/Social Marketing in any Online Field , Without doing any  Research. Then this quote is not wrong.You are working like a ass.

But I hope And I believe. After Reading This Article reading you Can Become the lord of ass:

Well In this post I am try to give  you  juice of maximum blogs. Which Strategies they are using for rank in Google.

Here is  not any final method for rank In Google in All over the SEO. You always need to do hit and trial method.

Note: In this post, I am shared with you all free methods.

You Can Check out my previous post. Where I am share with you SEO friendly Article Writing tips . And also share some best keyword Research tools. Which are free and paid:

Before I started , I hope you are working on any specific niche. Because If you will  try to cover all niches in your blog , then It may be impossible  for   rank in google at beggnier level. I want personally and All the Blogging stars Always recommend you for work on a single niche.

AdWord Keyword Planner

Ok! If you are beginner or not . Then you know about AdWords Keyword Planner( In past it was  known as the Google Keyword Tool ) . But here is some problems. Which I face using AKP.

First , It’s don’t give you any idea about long tail Keyword. There is no doubt it’s help you so much. But not more effective than paid keyword research tools.

If you want work with AKP then you need to use your brain so much.

Ok , I tell you how to use Google AdWords Keyword Planner for Keyword Research.

Follow These steps for :

Visit adwords.google.com

If you are new Create an account. ( Its very easy )

Free SEO Tool

As show in the above picture click on that icon

There you get some options. One is Planning > Keyword Planner

Keyword Research Guide

Now You get this type of dashboard. Which is listed above.

It will ask for Find  Keyword or Get search volume and forecasts.

Simply Click on First Option. As Show in the above picture.

Put You main Keyword in the inbox. And Click on get ideas.

Let ! My niche is  Digital Marketing and today my target keyword is “SEO”. And I am search for this Keyword in AKP. And I  get these results.

How to use Keyword Planner for Keyword Research

As You can see this Keyword have low competition , High Search Volume , And with the help of this keyword I can also rank my long tail Keywords.

Now this time to use your brain.

There you get lots of options.You Can Customize and target any specific country , any specific language , any specific search engines. This will help you for find a perfect Keyword.

After all Customization according you. Download All the keywords list.

Try to find a long tail , low competition , High Search Volume Keyword. I know it’s not easy , But not impossible:

If you find your winner Keyword then it will give a huge amount of profit.

Like With my target Keyword I can sell any products and services . Which relates to “SEO”

Keyword Research With Amazon

Everyone Know Amazon is e-commerce  platform. But Do you know ? You can use it for find awesome keywords for your products:

If you don’t know how you can find  Keywords using Amazon , then keeep reading…….

Follow these steps :

Visit  https://www.amazon.com

Put Your Product Name in the search bar. But don’t search about it , wait for some Seconds , it will show some related keywords ( LSI Keywords ).

For Example, I am selling “Kids Toys” , then I am simply put this Keyword in the search bar , And as you can see I got some related keywords

How to use Amazon for find Keywords


  • Kids toys For Boys
  • Kids Toys For Girls
  • Kids Toys For Boys 1 years

There you get lots of Keywords , Which your competitior don’t know.

Simply Copy All the Keyword and Start research on it.

Put one by one keyword in AKP , And I hope it will be work for you.

Find A Long tail , low competition , high Volume , and start working on it

Take Help of Google

Yes ! Google will help you for find a perfect Keyword:

And this is the one of the best and free  technique for find a keyword.

Simply follow these steps, I am shared with you two techniques :

Method #1

Write you keyword in Google search bar, And wait for few seconds.

It will show you some related keywords to your target Keyword ( Known As LSI ) , If you getting High competition on your target Keyword , then you take these keywords.

How to use Google for Keyword Research

Let my target Keyword is “SEO” And When I put this Keyword in Google search bar , then I get thset results , Which you can see in above picture.

Copy All of those keywords , And Check One by one in AKP , I hope it will work for you.

Method #2

Use Footer Of Google For find your niche Keyword:

Now put your your main Keyword in the Google search bar and search for it.

Now scroll down , And come in the last of page

There you get search related to your main Keyword:

How to use Google Footer for Keyword Research

Copy these keywords , Put in AKP and start your research for find your winner Keyword

Try Long Tail Keywords

Are you beggnier in content writing field? Are you working  with Fresh Website ?

Try for rank your short Keyword, Then don’t try you can’t rank . Because big players are already now on the top , In Beggnier  level , it’s very hard for beat them.

Then What to do ? Simple try for rank on long tail Keywords. There is some chances for rank.

Ok ! So first of all we need to find long tail Keywords. Which have low competition , High Search Volume. There is more chances you will get low traffic on long tail Keywords. But at least you start getting traffic.

For Search long tail Keywords. You can use my two methods  , Which I have already listed above in “Take Help Of Google” paragraph. And Also you can use AdWords Keyword Planner.

I have one more method, Which is using a free tool ubersuggest (Now Owned By Neil Patel)

How to use ubersuggest tool for Keyword Research

Its very easy, Simply put your target Keyword and it will show you same details like AKP.

Best Option : Quora

You all are know about Quora. If you don’t know then I give a short description about it…. Quora is a open source platform , Where you can share you questions and get answers. Quora is also known for the traffic refering site:

You can use Quora for send traffic on your website.

But today I will share with you , how you can use quora for Keyword Research:

As you read above , Quora is questions and answers website.

Simply put you question with your target Keyword , And wait for few seconds , it will show you some related keywords  to your question( Means Main Keyword)

For Example : My target Keyword is “best AC” And When I search it in Quora , then I get these results. As you can see Below Pictures.

How to use Quora for find Keywords

You will get lots of Keyword related to your products , Which your customers are finding. You can write an blog post for those Keywords , And also directly contact the customers for sell your product.

Bonus Tips For Rank in Google #1

1. Keyword Research is important,But use of LSI Keywords is also very important. So When you write your post , then try to implement LSI Keywords. Its give you stability , When you ranked in Google.

2. Backlinks are important , but outbound and internel linking are also very important. Never do outbound links of  less authority and bad website. Always make outbound and internal links on related or meaningful words.

3. Don’t do Keyword stuffing And keyword Density, Both are very important

4. Put your target Keyword in post title,post url,post H1 and at least in one image alt tags.

These are the some tips , which are come in mind. In future I will be update thset list.


I hope this article give  you a idea about keyword Research. Please tell in the comment box. Which techniques you like more.

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