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Hey everyone ! Finally We are make a beautiful site with the help of our previous articles. And In this article we learn about how you can add your website in Google | Bing | Yandex Read Full Post. I will cover all the topics. Which questions are now in your mind.

If your make a website or palning for make website. Then Google webmaster tool(Console) is very important topic for you. If your don’t learn about Google webmaster tool properly. Then it’s become poison for your website. Keep Reading Full Article For get full information about how to add your website in Google | Bing | Yandex Webmaster Console (Tool).

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Queries Solved :

  • What is Google Webmaster Tool(Console)?
  • Why You Need to Submit Your Website In Search engines?
  • What is benefits of Webmaster Console?
  • In Google | Bing And Yandex Webmasters Website Submission Is Free or Paid?
  • How to add Website In Google Webmaster Console(Tool)?

What is Google Webmaster Tool?

According to Wikipedia

Google Search Console (previously its known as Google Webmaster Tools) is a no-charge web service by Google for webmasters. It allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites.

Why You Need to Submit Your Website?

If you want get your website/blog in search result. Then you need to submit your website in Search engines. With the help of webmaster Search Console you can  add your website in Google | Bing | Yandex. All search engines have his webmaster console. And You need to submit your website in all the Webmasters console (Bing, Yandex , Google)for get in search.

What is benefits of Webmaster Console?

Here are lots of benefits of webmaster console. I am listing only some features. When You submit your website you will get more information about it.

  • Geo Targeting
  • For Errors Checking
  • For 404 Redirection
  • For Get Your Website In Search Results
  • For Check Traffic Details
  • For Check Internal and External Links

Here are lots of benefits of Google Webmaster Console. If your properly understand about webmaster tool. Then it’s also helpful for increase your website traffic.

Google Webmaster Website Submission Is Free or Paid

All search engines  Webmaster Console are  totally free tool for all of them. Anyone can use it. Here you don’t need to pay any charges. You can use all the features of Webmaster Console for free. Here is not any restriction and hidden charges.

How to add Website In Google Webmaster Console

Requirements :- Only Gmail ID


  • Visit
  • Sign In using your Gmail I’d
  • There you get a option for add property
  • Put Your Website Full URL
  • Then Click On Add Property
  • Now You need to verify you are website owner. Which you put for add in webmaster
  • There you get many options for verification
  • Here is simple option is meta tag
  • Choose Meta Tag option
  • Copy Full Meta Tag
  • Go to WordPress Dashboard > Go to Plugins > Add New Plugin > Header And Footer Inserter
  • Install Plugin and activate it
  • Now go to Settings > There you will Header and Footer Inserter > Click On it
  • And Paste Meta Tag which you copy from the webmaster verification page
  • And Click on “Save Changes”
  • Now open your webmaster verification tab and click on verify
  • Finally you get message for verification. You just simply click on continue buttom.

If you want add  your website in Bing | Yandex | Google search engines. Then you need to do same process.

#01Bonus Addition

For Bing Webmaster 

  • Visit
  • And there you also need to sign withy your Gmail or Yahoo ID.
  • And You will get a form
  • Fill the form and click on save
  • You get a meta tag , copy meta tag and paste in your website
  • And that’s it. You website submit in Bing webmaster

For Yandex visit

In order you need a Yandex Account .Its easy to create as Gmail account . After Create a Yandex account. simply visit .And there you need to revise  same process.Which I tell you above.

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