9 Important Setting After Installing WordPress

In this post I will share with you some important setting after installing WordPress. These setting are compulsory. And also give a good SEO effect to your blog/Website for better rank in Google. So Read Full Article for Get all detailed information about full topic…….

We are Continue trying to cover all basics topic related to a Domian , Hosting and specially WordPress. If you don’t read our previous post you can read them for get detailed information about Domain/Hosting/WordPress.

1. Delete All Default Post/Comment And Pages

After You successfully install WordPress. You get default post/Pages and Comment. Delete all of them and clean your website properly.

For Delete Default Post

  • Go to > Post
  • SelectDefault Post
  • Click Trash

For Delete Default Page

  • Go to  > pages
  • Select Default Page
  • ClickOn Trash

For Delete Default Comment

  • Go to Comments
  • Select Comment
  • Click On Trash

2. SEO Setting | Set Permalink

I think question in your mind if you are beginner. What is Permalinks?

“/your-post-title” this is the Permalink. You also see this type of links in many websites or blogs. It’s very important for SEO.

For Set the Permalink Follow These Steps

  • Go to settings
  • Click On Permalink
  • Now tick on the post as show in below picture.

9 Important Setting After Installing WordPress

After this setting you website Permalink look like. When you publish any post. https://www.yourdomian.com/you-post-title

3. Change Title , Tagline , Time Zone And Favicon

For Change the Title And Tagline 

  • Go to  Setting
  • General
  • ChangeSite Title , Tagline  And Time Zone(According You)

For Change Your Website Favicon

  • Go to Appearance
  • Click On Customize
  • Click On Site Identity
  • Click On Site Icon and upload your site Favicon (Size 512*512)

4. Add Popular Ping Website

When you install WordPress then default you get on ping automatic website. This is one is also important setting After Installing WordPress.

For Add More Ping Site 

  • Go to Settings > Writing
  • There you get update service option
  • There Add ping site list for rank in Google fastley

5. Media Setting

Many times I am face this problem on my blog/website. Which images I am uploaded it’s available in two sizes and also it’s take space. That’s why my website loading speed is going slow. And it make a bad user experience. For sure You don’t make this mistake.

For Change Media Setting

  • Go to setting
  • Click On media
  • There a new pop-up will be come out.
  • You can perfect size of you images According to you.

And one more thing try to keep a photo compressor plugin. With the help of this type of plugin you get good results as compare to past results.

6. Set Your WordPress Comment Setting

On while the world you always face spamming. And Spammers also come on your blog. And definitely it’s make very bad effect to your site. For Safe from this type of spammers do your comments setting properly.

For Do your comments setting

  • Go to Setting
  • Click On Discussion
  • This can get confusing if you don’t know what to do here. But just follow the below screenshot and you’ll be good.

9 Important Setting After Installing WordPress

7. Delete Extra/Unused Themes

When you are Install you WordPress site newley. Then you get some default theme and also You try many theme for make you site beautiful. And Finally You get you dream theme. But you don’t delete extra themes which you try in past. And It’s take your disk space. You know it’s waste in your site. And I hope you don’t want take wastage.

 For Delete Unused Themes

  • Go to Appearance >Themes
  • Click On any unused theme which you want delete
  • Anew pop-up will be come out
  • There you will get Delete option
  • ClickOn it
  • You have Successfully Delete Unused and Waste theme.

8. Install Best SEO Plugin

I will highly recommend you for a SEO Tool. If you are beginner then it will very useful for you optimize your blog. There is too best plugin According me ALL IN SEO PACK and YOAST PLUGIN. But I will highly recommend you for SEO Yoast Plugin. This plugin is one of the best plugin for optimize you website. This plugin provide you paid or free version. I will recommend you for free version. There you will get same features like paid version. This plugin guide how to write a proper Artical for rank in Google.

For install any plugin

  • Go to Plugins
  • Search SEO Yoast
  • You will get SEO Yoast
  • Simply Click on install and then activate it
  • Do some basic settings and give authorization.

9.Stop Core Files Indexing by Google

Its very important setting After installing WordPress, you should control how Google Indexes your website. There are WordPress default pages that should not be indexed by search engines. You should confirm the status of your robots.txt files, and it should disable the indexing of these pages:

WordPress admin login – /wp-admin

WordPress Includes – /wp-includes

WordPress themes – /wp-content/themes

WordPress Plugin – /wp-/content/plugins

To stop Google from indexing these pages, your robots.txt file should be as follows:

User-agent:* Disallow: /wp-admin

Disallow: /wp-includes

Disallow: /wp-content/themes


You can check the status of your robots.txt file from Google Webmaster console.

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